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Wargames 6.7.x - What to expect

Tuesday 10th of June 2014 08:36:58 AM

We're all pretty excited to bring Epic Space: Wargames to the forefront.

And it's launch is right around the corner.

We're all pretty excited to bring Epic Space: Wargames to the forefront. This is the portion of gameplay players have been wanting from the start and it's launch is coming this month on June 27th.

  • Stand alone dedicated servers
  • Fast paced combat
  • Casual gameplay style
  • Impacts the primary universe

Standalone dedicated servers

Each wargame server can support a maximum of 16 players. It's also owned and operated by players.

Fast paced combat

Very similar to our Alpha Combat Demo which led to our Kickstarter success. Your current HT and Faction Rank carriers into wargames. The higher your ranks, the better your performance. Dying does not impact this score.

Casual gameplay style

It's all about going in, blowing **** up and putting it down in time for lunch. Wargames is about learning the intricacies of flight combat in a fun and competitive environment, while earning merits towards your next promotion.

Impacts the primary universe

Winning a Wargame match earns you credits that can be spent in the primary universe.

A prelude to customizable ships

A feature that impacts wargames and the primary universe.

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