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New Changes to the upcoming "War Game" Update

Tuesday 24th of June 2014 09:57:06 AM

New loot categories, restrictions on crafting lifted, and important info regarding the Steam 1 Mil Credit Offer.

A few interesting changes and new features are being added to what we're calling the "Month Two" update.

Loot Rarity

Starting in 7.6.7, your HT rank gives you an improved chance to discover better loot when scanning.

The color coded types are as follows:

  • R1 - (Rare Type 1) Scrap Metal, Most Ores.
  • R2 - Fuel, Ammo.
  • R3 - Alliance Reports, most crafted items.
  • R4 - Pioneer Reports, and other items that cannot be crafted.
  • R5 - Relics.

Minimum Faction Rank Removed for Crafting

Part of our efforts to boost the economy. If you have a station, you can craft anything without any additional requirements, as long as you have the required resources in station.

SteamTM 1 Mil Credit Offer to be removed

Originally put in place as a stimulus package, new pilots can now make credits quickly in War Games or from daily challenges. If it becomes a problem, we could always implement another stimulus package until the economy no longer needs support.

Limited War Game Servers

War Game Servers are player-owned dedicated servers designed specifically for combat games. These servers carry a cost of $9.99 to $14.99 per month depending on the slot size.

The first week, servers will be invite only and will be available to everyone else shortly thereafter.

Want more info on War Games? Checkout the more detailed article here.

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