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ES: Online hosts players in a single universe with absolutely no borders or boundaries. You can fly in any direction in a procedurally generated universe.
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Founder Feedback Report

Monday 28th of April 2014 02:50:15 PM

We've recently reached out to our Founders regarding our current progress on the game. Here's what we learned.

We've recently reached out to our Founders regarding our current progress on the game.

Here's a rundown for the items that were brought up the most, and an official response from the Devs:

Better Tutorial

We're currently working on a much more 'engaging' tutorial and plan to have it in place before we go live on Steam.


Better Linux 32/64 bit support

We've added much better Linux 32bit support to the Steam version of Epic Space. Simply restart Steam to grab the latest code. 64bit support should be available by the time we go live on Steam. If you don't already have Epic Space on Steam, you'll receive your Steam key sometime this week.


In game NPCs

We're actively developing NPC Couriers and expect them to make an appearance when we launch on Steam. These guys will be the backbone of the es online economy.


Downloading game every time an update is published

Now that we're on Steam, all updates are automatic! (Yay!) So no more need to manually download and install updates.


Slow ships and the difficulty of traveling long distances

Currently your in game HT Rank (Lvl) affects your ship's cargo bay capacity. We're going to have this buff your ship's top speed as well. Should be live between now and the Steam launch. It's also important that smaller ships remain "Short Range" ships. With the exception of the Vulture, capital ships should be used for traveling vast distances only.


More music

We've added a Jukebox and some great tunes to version 7.4. It is live on Steam and the stand alone client now.


Critical feedback is absolutely paramount to the success of this endeavor. If you received an email from The Alpha Company, be sure to take a few moments to respond!


Edward Melville

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