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ESO Release 6.1 is now live

Monday 18th of November 2013 05:37:09 AM

Includes fixes for Sensor Array deployment, integration with News.EpicSpace.net, the UCT-01 Torpedo, and more.

A quick patch to address issues surrounding the release of the Standalone Edition of Epic Space Online is now live. We've also included a number of additions to the game in preparation for the release of the Kickstarter Exclusive Ship, the Aequitas.

We're also introducing the new ESO News Hub. Over the course of the next few weeks, in game events such as sector claiming, exploration, combat related news and more will be featured here.

Additional changes along with various other bug fixes are listed below:

UCT-01 Torpedo: A standalone version of ESO is now available for download. The browser version has been depreciated and will no longer be accessible.
ESO News Hub: Located at http://News.EpicSpace.net. The primary hub for all news in and out of Epic Space Online.
Launchpad: Pressing Enter on the Launchpad when focused on the password textbox submits the login form.
Jettisoning: Jettisoning objects while object names are visible, no longer results in an incorrect name.
Grappler: Repair Kits can now be picked up without issue.
Unhandled Exceptions: Exceptions when trying to load News.EpicSpace.net are now handled correctly.
Launchpad: Various formatting issues surrounding the Latest News area on the Launchpad has been fixed.
Sensor Arrays: The option to deploy sensor arrays when the appropriate prerequisites have been met, has been fixed.
Missions: An issue surrounding mission acceptance has been corrected.


  • Gamepad Support requires the stand alone application.
  • The 'next' update may not be compatible with the current ESO Launchpad.
  • A standalone Linux client is pending.
  • Post your thoughts on what should be added to the next release below.

Find a bug? Have a New idea? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.


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