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ES Online 7.6.5 Changelog

Friday 30th of May 2014 01:43:24 PM

A pre-Wargame update that also includes a number of player requested features, and a Weapon Safety system.

This is another pre-Wargame update that also includes a number of player requested features.

This update is automagically available once you restart Steam.

Changes are listed below:

Master Arm Switch: We've removed the 2 second trigger delay and replaced it with a Master Arm Switch. When you're not in a safe zone, activate the switch to turn off the weapons safety. There will no longer be a delay for weapons fire.
Rank and level icon next to pilot tags: Your faction rank and HT level now display next to your ship for other pilots.
New Bank Account Notifications: You are now notified if you receive credits due to a discovery or a cleared sector.
Radar Ping: Heading: When radar is active, you now see the specific heading of objects in relation to your flight direction.
About Me: The "About Me" section in the PDA now accepts input. You can enter a short biography (Limit 256 Characters). However this will not be visible to other players until the reputation system is live.
Increased reward payout for discoveries: The reward payout for discoveries has been increased to $100 per discovered object and $1k for a completed sector.


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